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Unschooling Videos


Featuring Pat Farenga talking about unschooling.

Sept. 5, 2009

A debate about unschooling on Fox TV with Pat Farenga


April 20, 2010

Good Morning America discusses unschooling


Documentary films about education, homeschooling and unschooling:


Grown Without Schooling by Peter Kowalke. A great exploration of what ten young adults who were homeschooled/unschooled are doing with their lives. Some go to college, others go to work, all appear to be well-adjusted citizens engaged with their lives and communities. Lots of talking heads make this less dynamic than the documentaries below, but the information and insights these young people dispense about what it was like to grow up without going to K-12 schooling is encouraging and valuable.

Unschooled by Jason Marsh. This is one of the best presentations about unschooling I've watched on film. It follows three families, each with their own unique way of living and learning together. The details about what they do each day, how they interact with their school systems, and how one of them gets into the University of CA-Berkeley will inspire you to see what you can do as unschoolers.


The War on Kids by Cevon Soling. I discuss this film in my blog entry. It isn't about homeschooling, but it is about why schools are more about behavior modification and discipline than about learning and character development, and so it makes a quiet case for those considering homeschooling or other alternatives to conventional schooling.