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This is a documentary I made about John Holt for the 20th anniversary conference of Growing Without Schooling magazine in 1997. I transferred the video to DVD and am pleased to offer it to you now.

This 21 minute show covers Holt's life from birth to death, from being a conventional fifth-grade teacher to becoming the founder of the unschooling movement, told largely in his own words and photos. The last segment includes video footage of an interview Holt did about two years before he died. Narrated by John Holt, Pat Farenga, and Susannah Sheffer. $10.00


Recordings from The Learning In Our Own Way conference.

Eight Kinds of Smart, Keynote by Dr. Thomas Armstrong
1 DVD $10

How Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences can provide a powerful strategic plan through which all childrens' abilities can be highlighted and worked with to improve personal motivation, self-esteem, and academic achievement.


The Myth of the ADD/ADHD Child: Challenging the Growing Medicalization of Attention and Behavior in Our Classrooms, Workshop by Dr. Thomas Armstrong
1 DVD $10

This workshop challenges the current use of the medical model to explain attention and behavioral differences in children. The first part looks at the problems with the ADD/ADHD paradigm, including criticisms of its assessments and treatments. The second part provides alternative ways of explaining behavior and attention difficulties, including gender differences, social and cultural factors, psychological influences, and styles of learning. The third part presents a number of non-medical strategies that parents and educators can use to help children attend and behave.


Weapons of Mass Instruction, Keynote by John Taylor Gatto
1 DVD $10

Gatto links stories about individual initiative by drop-outs and others labeled "deficient" by school standards to the global social and economic changes we are going through. He asks, "Why are schools still considered so important when it is so obvious that technology, the arts, finance, and government have more than their share of competent employees and leaders who never graduated college or high school? 


Coping with Fear and Anxiety While Unschooling, Workshop by Andy Migner
1 CD $5

Unschooling, for many of us, is a roller coaster ride of trust and fear. When our bright-eyed curious child is glowing from the pleasure of a new discovery or accomplishment, we relax, certain, that in choosing to unschool, we made the right decision. But a week later, when that same child is at loose ends, the kids are all fighting, we've been challenged or criticized by a relative, (or even sometimes for no reason at all), we can fall into the pit of doubt; "Am I doing enough?", "Am I doing too much?", "Is this really what's best for my child?". In this interactive workshop you will learn tools and strategies for reducing anxiety so that you can spend more time trusting and enjoying both your child and "the ride."


Individualizing Learning: Styles and Time Frames, Workshop by Cindy Gaddis

2 CDs $10

What, your homeschooled children aren't writing novels, solving advanced math problems, or winning spelling bees?  Sometimes it seems like "being average" just isn't good enough for homeschoolers. We worry when our children are on different learning schedules than they are in school. Cindy will share with you how her three oldest (now teenaged) children have learned subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, geography, foreign language, history, spelling, and others, using their own learning styles and following their own unique time frames which formed their individualized education.


Unschooling Children with Special Needs, Workshop by Cindy Gaddis

1 CD $5

Have you wondered if unschooling can meet the needs of the special population?  What if your child struggles with even learning how to speak, let alone learning his numbers?  What if he doesn't independently learn easily from his environment?  What about special services?  Let's discuss and share ideas on how unschooling can be an ideal setting that utilizes each child's strengths and learning style. (Special needs in this workshop will specifically address serious mental disabilities such as moderately affected children with autism, Down Syndrome, mental retardation, multiple handicaps, etc.).


College Admissions for Homeschoolers, Workshop by Loretta Heuer
1 CD $5

Learn how to navigate the college (and art school) admissions process from a homeschooling parent who literally wrote the book on this subject. Loretta Heuer is the author of The Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts.